Sci-Fi Action

Sex runner

ep 1

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Season 1   (6/24)

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Episode 7

The Mad Max of Sex.
It's crazy and it's brutal. It's Sex, drugs, and... cars, baby!

In a post-apocalyptic, dark-humored world in the future, human beings are a species on the brink of extinction. Men have barricaded themselves inside fortified cities, away from the wasteland and the mutants that populate it, and they survive as best they can, despite not haven't set eyes on a woman in decades. But one day, a mysterious capsule falls from the sky; there's a newborn inside it, and... it's a girl! Titus, a young man who, like all the others, has fallen prey to the vices of his world, rescues the child. A mad race then ensues as he does everything he can to keep her safe from the race of men.

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