First light

Fantastic, Drama
Nimit Malavia


Tri Vuong


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Season 1   (6/24)

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Episode 7
Two sisters, one chant and one destiny : to save the world.

…First Light, a magical melody that has the power to change the world, can appease Tia'Maht and lull her to sleep again. And each generation, a young maiden is born with the ability to sing that song. She is known by her people as the Serenist. Twin sisters Ashura and Sen were both born with the power to sing the Song of First Light, something unseen in the history of the Pika people. Ashura, with her perfect pitch, is chosen to be the Serenist, but nobody knows what to do with Sen, whose voice is powerful but dissonant and dangerous. The Council of Elders agrees that it is best to Sen hidden.
Years pass and the fateful day when Ashura must confront Tia'Maht arrives at last. But something goes wrong and Ashura dies while singing the song, apparently consumed by the sleeping monster. Now it's about to wake up and the Pika people are set to reactivate the old war machines that almost destroyed their entire civilization once. Their last resort if they want to avoid Armageddon is to call on Sen, who must set aside her personal feelings of sorrow and bitterness in order to fulfill her destiny.

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