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What is CREATOR ?

CREATOR will be your new webtoons creative space ! It will be your future webtoon creation space ! Giving total care to this functionality's development, it will allow you to publish your story in two seconds. In brief, it's a space in which you could put your creations to the test thanks to the readers before you can -potentially- join Webtoon's Champions League.


For all those who want to discover Webtoon's « grammar » but don't have the Bescherelle for it ! However novice or experimented, what matters is that you have a good story to tell !


You can get in touch with us for any project's idea. Don't worry, we won't bite you ! We don't use the vegan diet but still, we're nice.

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Pdf, jpeg or png. Max Size: 5Mo

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Your webtoons to take everywhere !

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