« The Webtoon Factory » is the first platform that includes originally created webtoons in Europe »

What is a webtoon ?
Well, a webtoon is a new kind of comic books that consists in reading by scrolling vertically on your smartphone.

Understood. And does it look like a regular comic book?
Well, there are all sorts ! We have influences of manga, comics, traditional comic books or modern ones. It's actually very diversed !

Thanks, and I assume I can find all the genres ?
Exactly! From thrillers to sci-fi, humor, horror, drama and also romance, actually all genres are represented. At least we work on it.

And where do you find your authors ?
We try to find them here and there. We've got young comic books authors but also more experimented ones. Some even come from the animation field. We put no boundaries as long as we find quality. ;)

That's exciting ! Did you create the app in your garage, just like Steve did ?
No. Actually the Webtoon Factory belongs to the éditions DUPUIS (Spirou et Fantasion, Gaston, le Marsupilami...) and they are really helping. But regarding the authors and the series choice, they give us a free reign !

Well, I'm going to read some of the series then. Thank you !
Let me know how you find it. Enjoy !

Your webtoons to take everywhere !

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